Registration as Travel Agent/Travel Agent Licence

a) A fee of rupees one lakh (for firms which have been in existence for more than five years as a travel agent/consultancy/ ticketing agent/ general sales agents/ coacing institutions of IELTS). The amount of Rs. one lac in one installment or in five equal installments.
b) A fee of rupee twenty-five thousand (for firms which hav e been in existence for less than five years as a travel agent/ consultancy/ ticketing agent/ general sales agents/ coacing institutions of IELTS). The amount of Rs.twenty-five thousand in one installment or an amount of rupees ten thousand in first installment and the balance
amount in four equal installments;

3 Proof of Residence issued by the competent authority (all directors/ partners):
(i) Residence Certificate ;or
(ii) Voter I.D. Card ;or
(iii) Aadhar Card/UID ;or
(iv) Arms License ;or
(v) Passport.

4 For Proof of Date of Birth (copy of any one of the following) (all directors/ partners):
(i) Birth Certificate ;or
(ii) Matriculation Certificate ; or
(iii) Passport

5 For Proof of Identity (Copy of any one of the following) (all directors/ partners):
(i) Voter I.D. Card ;or
(ii) PAN Card;or
(iii) Aadhar Card/UID ;or
(iv) Arms License ;or
(v) Passport .

Note: Only Copy of Passport is also acceptable as a single proof towards proof of Identity, Address and
Date of Birth. (all directors/ partners)

6 Three passport size photographs (all directors/ partners)

7 Income Tax Return of Income Tax Return for minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years

8 Bank Account Statement of previous year or since the inception of business, whichever is lesser

9 To satisfy the creditability aspect all directors/ partners shall give an undertaking in shape of an affidavit duly
attested by Executive Magistrate (as per specimen)

10 Has adequate space/accommodation, which shall not be less than 100 sq ft. of size, either owned or is taken on
rent, by such person, as the case may be, to carry on the profession under these rules. Provided that such
space/accommodation shall be located in the commercial area of a city or town or any other such area, accessible
to any person without any difficulty, who approaches for services under these rules

11 Proof of occupancy of business place (Copy of any one of the following)
(i) Copy of the ownership of the accommodation; or
(ii) Rent deed (if available) ; or
(iii) Certificate from bank-certifying holding of a current account and the business addresson record; or
(iv) Copy of registration under Shops and Establishments Act (if available); or
(v) Copy of Utility bills,
(a) Electricity; or
(b) Telephone/Broadband; or
(c) Property Tax Receipts

12 Detail of two surities who are income tax assesees, as described in the act/rule. Refer Proforma Form Col 13 (1)
and 13(2).

13 Proof of constitution/operations of business:
(1) In case of Sole Proprietorship.-
(a) Certificate from Charted Accountant regarding sole proprietorship ; and
(b) Certificate from Bank, certifying sole proprietorship;
(2) In case of Partnership Firm (Only the managing partner shall apply).-
(a) Copy of Partnership Deed; and
(b) Certificate from other partners authorizing at least one partner/Manager to apply for
and comply with the requirements of licensing under the Act;
(3) In case of a Private Limited Company or a Limited Company, incorporated under the Companies
Act, (only one of the Directors or an Authorized Manager shall apply, for the license along with required documents).
(as per specimen)

14 If a person including NRI’s, who is already in the profession of a travel agent or consultancy applies for a licenseunder these rules, he shall submit a Xerox copy (duly attested) of the certificate issued by the lATA, TAAI and TAFl,as the case may be, if already registered with them, alongwith his application.

15 In case of NRI following to be submitted:
(a) give his Social Security Number issued by the country, where he has immigrated, duly authenticated by thecompetent authority of such country;.
(b) give due permission issued by the country, where he has immigrated, for carrying out the profession of travelagency or consultancy in India under these rules; and
(c) give permission issued by the Reserve Bank of India, if such NRI, takes the remuneration received as fee fromthe persons to whom such NRI, has rendered service, outside the territory of lndia.