Partition deed, Partition Agreement

Documents required for Partition deed/agreement

• Identity Proof of both parties and witnesses.
• Residence Proof of both parties and witnesses.
• Ownership proof of property.
• Two passport size photographs of both parties.
• Power of attorney/special power of attorney.

Whenever in any suit for partition in which, if instituted prior to the commencement of this Act, a decree for partition might have been made, it appears to the Court that, by reason of the nature of the property to which the suit relates, or of the number of the shareholders therein or of any other special circumstance, a division of the property cannot reasonably or conveniently be made, and that a sale of the property and distribution of the proceeds would be more beneficial for all the shareholders, the Court may, if it thinks fit, on the request of any of such shareholders interested individually or collectively to the extent of one moiety or upwards, direct a sale of the property and a distribution of the proceeds.

Any joint owner of land, or any joint tenant of a tenancy in which a right of occupancy subsists, may apply to a Revenue-officer for partition of his share in the land or tenancy, as the case may be,